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  • Comfort, style and performance!

    Gardening Gloves

    Comfort, style and performance!

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    Touchscreen eGloves

    Use your phone with your gloves still on!

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    Yard Gloves

    For protection against thorns,
    prickers and harsh shrubs

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    Sun and Skin Protection

    Safeguard your face
    and hands in style

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    Plant, Weed,
    Prune & Pick in
    Comfort and Style

    Foxgloves, the gloves you love to wear!


As a landscape architect and professional horticulturist I yearned for a glove that wouldn’t impede my sense of touch. I tried every garden glove on the market but never found one that fit well and could be worn all day.
My search for a tactile friendly glove led me to try dress gloves from the 1950’s. The classic dress glove was designed to fit snugly, offering great sensitivity, but the fabric wasn’t designed to withstand the harsh conditions of digging in the soil.
Thus began my quest to develop the kind of glove that I wanted and that I believe other gardeners want, too. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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