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  • Foxgloves Extra Protection Gloves <i>Gauntlet</i>
  • Foxgloves Extra Protection Gloves <i>Gauntlet</i>

Foxgloves Extra Protection Gloves Gauntlet



Protection perfected! Comfort, dexterity and superb performance define this Gauntlet. Perfect for thorny and abrasive tasks. Lightweight synthetic leather padded palm and reinforced fingertips protect against thorns and bruising. Resilient synthetic suede cuff guards against scrapes and scratches. Designed to provide maximum comfort and complete dexterity.


  • Synthetic leather palm is thorn and puncture resistant
  • Padded palm cushions and protects hand
  • Reinforced fingertips for added protection and longer wear
  • Tough and resilient synthetic suede back and cuff
  • Wide cuff fits comfortably over long sleeves
  • Supple, breathable fabric
  • Machine wash gentle cycle--line dry


Form fitting Foxgloves come in four unisex sizes:

  • Small fits glove size 6-6 1/2, for petite and short fingered hands
  • Medium fits gloves size 6 1/2-8, for most hands
  • Large fits glove size 8 1/2 and over
  • Extra Large fits glove size 10-11

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
At last! I'm not getting scratched!!

I tried the Elle gloves and loved them, so decided to try the Gauntlet gloves. I live on an acre of land and am constantly finding volunteer plants that have thorns or spikes. Being 72 yrs old that usually means that the thorns tear my skin and leave me bleeding. So, after I got the Gauntlet gloves, I went out with my shovel, dug up some large thistles, picked them up and put them in the weed pile without any pain at all. I'm thrilled with the protection! Now on to the pruning and tree cleanup! Thank you!!

The BEST gardening gloves!

These Foxgloves gauntlets are the only gloves I will wear for trimming my roses and my lemon tree. That Lisbon lemon has thorns the length of my index finger and it tore me (and my gardening gloves) up a lot of times before I found Foxgloves at a garden show.

I just bought my second pair of gauntlets. My first pair lasted about 7 or 8 years, which is a great value. I really love the fact that they're machine washable , and they come out very nice and comfy after they've been washed. They are truly the best gloves I've ever used.


I just pruned my 45 rose bushes wearing these gauntlet gloves. They were entirely comfortable, not at all cumbersome and my hands and arms were perfectly protected from thorns. Thank-You!

Great Garden Gloves

This is my third pair of Foxgloves Gauntlet gloves I have purchased. First pair were large and found out I needed medium but I just passes them along to my husband.

I love these gloves as they are the best garden/yard work gloves I have ever owned. I really can work in the dirt and not bring my yard in under my nails. They save my arms and hands from getting cut up which is awesome.
And lastly they save my hands from becoming sore and achy after a hard day in the yard which means I can go back to more yard work sooner.
I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!

Product not received

I have still not received my order. Can you please verify that it has been sent.
Thank You
Scarlett Duffy

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